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This Service Warranty entitles only the original buyer of a new Trek bicycle, or any other Brand of bicycle manufactured by Trek Bicycle Corporation, such as Gary Fisher and Mirraco, directly from Geronimo’s Cycle & Sport Ltd, to receive free service tune ups on certain bicycle repairs over the specified period for the type of bicycle purchased. In order for this Service Warranty to be valid and honoured, the owner of the bicycle must receive and keep the Geronimo’s Cycle & Sport receipt upon purchase of the bicycle, which in turn must be presented to Geronimo’s Cycle & Sport staff before any repairs take place. This must be done every time the owner would like their bicycle to be serviced; otherwise Geronimo’s will charge the standard service fees.

Geronimo’s Service Warranty entitles the original owner of a Trek and/or Gary Fisher mountain/off-road bike, road/ racing bike, town & country/cruiser bike, or track bike to one year free tune up service starting from the date the bicycle leaves Geronimo’s Cycle & Sport’s retail property. However, stunt/ freestyle/ BMX bikes will only receive a 3 month free tune up service contract due to the nature of these bikes; their typical use under “dangerous & destructive” stunts by their owners; the length of time spent & difficulty of even seemingly simple repairs for bike mechanics. Pre-owned/ used bicycles sold by Geronimo’s or by an individual Trek bike owner will not receive any waive of the standard service fees charged for repairs. Service Warranties cannot be transferred.

The service & repair fees that are to be waived are for the standard labour charges that Geronimo’s Cycle & Sport charge to every customer who brings a bicycle or any part thereof to be serviced. This does not include the cost of replacement parts, such as but not limited to: Tubes, tyres, spokes, bearings, disc pads, brakes blocks, cables.

Furthermore, this Warranty does not cover all services offered by Geronimo’s Cycle & Sport over the given time period that the owner’s bicycle is covered. Service & repairs charges that are covered: adjustment of brakes, adjustment of gears, installing of tubes, proper lubrication of moving parts and tune ups. Service & repair charges that are not covered: Set up of accessories not purchased from Geronimo’s, patching of tubes, washing of bicycle, packing of bicycle, complete service, servicing of bottom bracket or truing/servicing of wheels.

Geronimo’s Cycle & Sport will honour Trek Bicycle Corporation’s Limited Lifetime Warranty from manufacturing defects on all of their bicycle frames, so long as the said frames are purchased directly from Geronimo’s. Although Geronimo’s Cycle & Sport is the only official Trek dealer for Trinidad & Tobago, we are not obligated to assist any person in obtaining/ processing a Warranty claim on a Trek bicycle purchased at any other dealership (whether they be an authorized or unauthorized dealer), or from an individual person reselling his/her bike or any pre-owned/ used bikes sold from Geronimo’s. Trek’s Limited Lifetime Warranty is only to the original owner/ purchaser and only for manufacturing defects; not damaged frames due to the owner’s use of the bicycle and or an accident.

Furthermore, Geronimo’s cannot be held responsible in any way for any damaged frame that Trek Bicycle Corporation considers not a factory defect and chooses not to replace, nor are we liable in any way if a customer does not receive a replacement frame within what they consider to be a reasonable time, as there are many outside factors and entities which have a direct impact on how quickly a bicycle frame can be replaced. However, we will do our best to be as quick and efficient as possible for our customers. For more information on your Trek bicycle, parts, accessories, Limited Lifetime Warranty on frame etc, please read the Trek bicycle owner’s user manual that comes with your bicycle or visit

Geronimo’s Cycle & Sport Service Warranty as well as Trek Bicycle Corporation’s Limited Lifetime Warranty on their frames and limited warranty on their parts will all be void if anyone other than an authorized Trek dealer’s mechanic attempts to repair or change any parts on the Trek bicycle.



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